Tips for CPAP Users from Someone Who Knows Better

January 28, 2015


Tips for CPAP Users from Aunty Jane, a long time CPAP user and Sleeptech friend.

“I was raised on a farm on the border of the English/Scottish border. I had to be prepared because if something was missing it was my job to run back and get it. Even if I wasn’t responsible for leaving it behind! Murphy’s Law liked to play tricks ­ we were always the furthest from the tools shed when something was left behind.”

– Aunty Jane

Never leave home without the following:

  • A copy of your prescription with your pressure on it, and a travel letter with your CPAP serial numbers on it for Customs.
  • A roll of duct tape or electrician’s tape. The tape can temporarily fix pretty much anything until you get home.
  • An extension cord, Murphy’s Law is that the plugs are on the wrong side of the hotel room or the plugs are full with the hotel equipment.
  • A spare mask cushion ­ you have no idea how many have either been left behind or vacuumed up by hotel staff.
  • A ziplock bag filled with mask wipes, much easier to pack.
  • If you are worried about getting distilled water one soluton is to purchase a disposable humidifier chamber that you can throw out when you get home or keep for your next trip. Use water in the following order: distilled, bottled, then finally tap water.
  • The CPAP’s built in the last 5 years are all 110/220 voltage all you need is the plug from the country you are travelling to.
  • If you are going camping or in a motor home, it is a bit trickier, call our battery specialists at 1­877­597­5030. We can at least point you in the correct direction.
  • Always keep your CPAP as carry on luggage. Putting CPAP’s in the luggage is a recipe for disaster. Most airlines are allowing the machines to be an extra carry on as it is medical equipment.
  • Call your airline to check.
  • Travelling with CPAP can be a bit embarrassing or daunting but believe it or not the CPAP’s can be a conversation starter in the Airports. You will begin to spot the equipment bags and realize how common travelling with CPAP equipment is becoming.

    Some of our CPAP’s have been to Italy, Africa, Mongolia, India, Hawaii, and Italy. We have our wall of fame where our patients have their photos taken along their travels. So relax, travel and explore the world and let your CPAP help you give the energy to enjoy your trip.

Happy Travels


Aunty Jane

Aunty Jane

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