February 29, 2016
curing insomnia

One of our sleep specialists wakes us up with this informative article on insomnia.  Could sleep tracking be the key to curing insomnia? 

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February 22, 2016

How much sleep do I need?

In this post we answer your pressing question: “How much sleep do I actually need?”

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February 15, 2016

Sleep Apnea - From a Patients View

An article was written by Dr. Tom Keenan titled “Studies show you can hack, toot or diet your way out of sleep apnea”. This article was published December 3, 2015 in the Calgary Herald.  The Registered Respiratory Therapists read the article and made their usual replies about it so I thought I would write my views.

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February 10, 2016


In this article we have some fun with pop culture and sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea has definitely hit mainstream and is readily mentioned in the media however, it was around much earlier than one may think.

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February 1, 2016

old machines

If you started CPAP therapy prior to 2010, you may be eligible for a new and improved machine.

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January 21, 2016

Now that we’ve gone from the season of joy and giving to the season of rain and wet, we thought this list of 60 things to be grateful for might help bring some sunlight.

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December 14, 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Sleep Focused

Have a snorer in your life? Perhaps you have a loved one that is sleep deprived as a result of your snoring? Know someone with a CPAP machine and need some unique gift ideas?  Look no further! We have compiled a clever little list for those concerned, in love with, out of love with, or needing more sleep:

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November 19, 2015


Stop Snoring!

If you snore and are not currently on a sleep apnea treatment plan (such as a CPAP machine or a mouth guard), we have curated some advice to help you “stop the snore”:

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November 2, 2015

Customize Your CPAP Machine for You

Getting the most out of your CPAP Machine involves a number of factors: Support, Attitude, and your Machine.  When you learn that being diagnosed with sleep apnea is the first step to a solution, life starts to get better and better.  There are many sleep disorders that have a grey-area when it comes to a “cure”.  Sleep apnea is something that can easily be diagnosed and treated.

This blog post is going to focus on your actual machine and how important it is that you have the right one for you.  Below is an excerpt taken from WebMD and we think it is a very accurate explanation on what to expect and how to take your treatment into your own hands.

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October 28, 2015

Does sleep help memories stick?

Does sleep help memories stick?

Many lifestyle choices have the potential to affect your cognitive abilities. In recent years, various researchers have found that a habit that most of us take for granted — sleep — may affect our memory in noticeable ways.

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