Continuous Use of CPAP

January 28, 2015

Continuous Use of CPAP

Your Sleep Apnea recovery depends upon the cornerstone of continuous use of CPAP treatment. The very name CPAP tells the story, the first letter stands for continuous and though it refers to the pressure it should also stand for how long you should wear it!

CPAP therapy is meant to keep your airway open with continuous use. Your muscles in your jaw and neck relax at night causing your breathing to be interrupted. This, in turn, causes your resting brain to arouse and correct this dangerous situation, over and over again (exhausting just thinking about it).

A key point to remember is that your muscles are unable to keep your airway open on its own and that is why the therapy is required every night.

What’s more is that these muscles have little to no memory, so once you stop wearing it you quickly return to your pre-therapy values. Problems such as erratic heart rate, high blood pressure, poor cognitive function, excessive daytime fatigue, and snoring may rear their ugly heads again.

Research and patient experience proves that the ongoing benefits of CPAP therapy are numerous. The number one complaint associated with lack of progress made from using the CPAP equipment is due to its lack of being used as recommended.

Think of it in terms of medicine.  If you have had nerve damage and the Doctor prescribes you nerve control medication, you must take it as prescribed or you will be in pain.

When you have sleep apnea, the CPAP equipment is prescribed as your medicine.  If it is inconsistently used, you will feel the effects.  You can increase the success of your CPAP therapy simply by committing to regular use.

So remember with continuous use comes:

Continuous outcomes
Continuous happiness
Continuous health

Sweet Dreams,

The Team at SleepTech
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