Don’t Go To Bed Mad

November 30, 2016

Don't go to bed mad

Studies show that going to bed mad actually does affect your sleep and isn’t exclusive to women. Not only does it make it harder to sleep, it makes it harder to shake it off later. Here are the details of the study and some suggestions on dealing with your anger and getting some much needed zzzz’s.


As reported on CTV, “A good night’s sleep may reinforce negative memories in the brain, researchers said on Tuesday, lending scientific credence to the time-worn caution against going to bed mad.  Slipping into slumber while holding on to a freshly-formed bad memory engraves it in the brain, making it harder to shake off later, a team from China and the United States reported in the journal Nature Communications.”



If you have had a disagreement, don’t take it to bed with you, taking the anger into your dreams. If the disagreement cannot be resolved that evening, here are some proven ways to release the anger until you are able to talk about the following day.

1) Press Pause

Try pressing pause on the argument. It doesn’t mean you’re ignoring it, it simply means you are pausing it until you can process the details. It doesn’t mean that you are just pressing pause on the outside, it also means that you press pause on the inside. You allow yourself to let it go in the moment and to re-visit it in the morning with a clear head.

2) Get Some Exercise

Although it’s not the best thing to do before bed, try some exercise to release any pent-up anger you may be holding onto. The gym works but so does at-home movement such as yoga, skipping rope, going for a walk, jogging on spot, jumping jacks, etc.

3) Go To Your Happy Place

Listen to some calming music, close your eyes and focus on your own personal “happy place”. This is a real or imagined place where you would envision your most peaceful and happy self. If the music doesn’t help you, try listening to a guided meditation.

4) Journaling

Try writing down your anger, get it all out on paper. When you are done, you can choose to shred this, toss it or keep it, whatever feels right for you. Sometimes simply the act of writing it all out helps alleviate the strength of it. You can close this off with a list of things you are grateful for.

5) Comedy Therapy

If all else fails, try some comedic relief. Switch on Netflix or anything else you may use and find something drop dead funny to watch. Laughing releases endorphins and has many other health benefits. It’s been proven that even a smile can affect you mentally and emotionally.

We hope this list helps you avoid taking anger to bed with you, please let us know if you have some proven tips!

Sweet Dreams,

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