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March 7, 2017

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Canadian Dairy Farmers and some Canadian Sleep Specialists conducted a study on Canadians and Sleep. You just may be surprised. For more from SleepTech, check out our YouTube videos and follow us on Facebook.

Canadian Sleep Survey

In 2016 Canadian Dairy farmers teamed up with some Canadian sleep specialists to have a closer look at how Canadians sleep. The goal was to see how Canadians sleep and to expose key issues and direction on how Canadians can improve this important aspect of ones life. 1517 randomly picked Canadians completed an online survey. The results were reviewed by a group of sleep experts specializing in medicine, psychiatry and psychology from various esteemed universities. The conclusion of this study suggested 6 points of advice to help Canadians with their required sleep needs.


1) Prioritize getting a good night sleep

a) Results show that when considering how to become healthier Canadians place sleep 3rd after exercising and eating healthier

b) Getting enough sleep is as critical to healthy living as good nutrition and exercise.

c) For adults 7-8 hours are recommended.

2) Become your own sleep expert

Get to know yourself and become aware of when and how you get the best sleep and make it part of your life.

3) Establish sleep routines including bed time and rise time

a) A regular rise time helps set normal circadian rhythms.

b) Have a relaxing routine prior to bed, an inviting bedroom and if you aren’t asleep after 20 minutes get out of bed.

4) Limit exposure to screens, especially children and teens.

Round the clock use of smart phones is impacting sleep, parents should continue their diligence on ensuring good sleep through the teen years.

5) Do not put too much pressure on yourself regarding sleep.

While sleep is important one of the key factors of poor sleep is thinking too much about your sleep. Sleep cannot be forced, you need to relax and allow for sleep to happen.

6) Reach out and seek help if needed

When lack of sleep is causing distress and interfering with daily functioning, additional help should be sought from a doctor or sleep specialist.

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