Traveling with Sleep Apnea: Ultimate Packing List

August 15, 2016

Traveling with sleep apnea

Traveling with sleep apnea and your CPAP device? Grab the ultimate packing list. 

When planning a trip, especially when traveling with CPAP, a checklist is often helpful to ensure everything goes smoothly. Traveling in itself involves everything from tickets, luggage and reservations, and a lot of planning. A simple checklist can ensure that your sleep and the people you’re vacationing with are getting the sleep you need for the holiday you deserve.

Traveling with sleep apnea PRINTABLE LIST


CPAP packing travel list

 Machine and humidifier with power supply

 Mask

 Tubing

 Clean filter (1 filter should last duration of holiday.)

 Extension cord (You never know where the nearest plug in will be. Cruise ships tend to be the trickiest.)

 Plug in adapter (If leaving the continent you may require an adapter to t foreign electrical outlets although most newer machines automatically convert voltage needs.)

 Mask cleaner (Your CPAP mask never takes a holiday and requires daily cleaning.)

 Distilled water (If carrying this is not plausible. Purchase distilled or, at the very least, bottled water once you arrive. Rinse out your chamber every day so that minerals don’t cause scaling on your equipment.)

 Roll of duct tape

If not for your own sleep, take your CPAP machine for your family, they want you to have a good holiday with good quality sleep and great energy levels as well as they can’t stand your snoring! Want this as a printable list? No problem, just click the image below to open it as a PDF and print it;)

TSA Page about which CPAP items can go in your carry on and checked bags.


Traveling with sleep apnea PRINTABLE LIST


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