Allergies and Sleep Apnea: Is There a Connection?

April 1, 2019
Dandelion with grass background depicting allergy season

April is here, and with the Springtime, come allergies. Here we explore the connection between allergies and sleep apnea.

Allergies and Sleep Apnea: is there a connection?

Allergies are in general thought to disturb and interfere with normal sleep. Allergies are know to create nasal congestion, dry mouth and even block your breathing, causing apneas, that if occur regularly can lead to a diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Therefore OSA can be connected if ongoing allergic reactions are blocking your sinuses on a regular basis.

…exposure to allergens might be higher during the night as dust mites¬†and pets are common causes of allergies

Allergies can cause swelling in sinuses, tonsils and adenoids and this is most prevalent during the night as this is when our Cortisol levels are at the lowest.  Cortisol is a hormone that our body releases to help control inflammation, during the night. The lungs and nasal cavity are more prone to inflammation due to the decrease in Cortisol levels. As well, exposure to allergens might be higher during the night as dust mites and pets are common causes of allergies.  Read more about the mechanics of sleep.

Treating allergies and having clear nasal passages prior to sleep can lead to lower CPAP pressures which could lead to improved comfort and usage. Speak to your doctor and your CPAP therapist regarding methods to help keep your sinuses clear during the night. A referral to an E.N.T. (Otolaryngologist) for sinus assessment may be required.

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