Curing Insomnia

February 29, 2016
curing insomnia

One of our sleep specialists wakes us up with this informative article on insomnia.  Could sleep tracking be the key to curing insomnia? 

Tracking sleep, a key component to curing insomnia

In 2002 the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCSH) reported 3.3 million (one in seven) Canadians had problems initiating or staying asleep.

Can we change our sleep patterns by simply being observant of our sleep habits?

Part of taking control of insomnia is done by observing your behavior and sleep pattern. It is important to write down what is happening with your sleep in order to change wrong behaviours. You might feel like you can detail your previous sleep in the morning but it is often not accurate as to the times you got up in the night, how long you stayed in bed or what time you went to bed.

If you suffer from insomnia keeping track of your sleep habits on paper is crucial during your road to recovery. A sleep diary will allow you to see your behaviours from a bird’s eye view. It allows us to make changes or acknowledge challenges we are facing with sleep based on data and evidence. In addition to writing down how many times you woke in the night, keep track of how long you stayed in your bed.

If you wake up in the night you shouldn’t stay in bed for more than 20 minutes. Its important to get yourself up and go to another room until you feel tired. If you are suffering from insomnia, your mind has an association with being awake in bed. This is the habit that needs to change, once your brain registers a proper sleep drive then insomnia should end.

Cure Insomnia

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