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June 20, 2018


We have a wealth of health and sleep resources on our site and wanted to compile them here for ease of browsing. When it comes to your health, take charge and do your research. Having said that, don’t fall into the trap of over-Googling your symptoms. If you suspect something is wrong, consult your Doctor (click to download our RX form) and then get informed. 



 Steps To Diagnosing Sleep Apnia – A handy dandy infographic to explain the process and help guide you along the way. .

 Canadian Diabetes Association – Canadian Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by diabetes live healthy lives.

 College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC – The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia regulates the practice of medicine under the authority of provincial law.

 ACLS Training Center – Stroke information and resource guide. – Great information about sleep apnea from The Lung Association.

  HealthLink BC – Resources and Tools from HealthLink BC.

 Heart & Stroke Foundation – The Heart and Stroke Foundation aims for healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

 BC Lung Association – BC Lung Association leads the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air.

 The Mayo Clinic – The Mayo Clinic is a reputable source for general health concerns that will also help you to determine when to see a Doctor.



  Sleep & Sleep Apnea Infographics – Pinterest Infographics.

 Personal Stories from – From the American Sleep Apnea Association.

  Sleep Apnea Handbook – Brought to you by The Lung Association.

  Receive Government Assistance for CPAP Equipment

 American Sleep Apnea Association – Enhancing the lives of those with sleep apnea.

 Canadian Sleep Society – The Canadian Sleep Society is a national organization committed to improving sleep for all Canadians.

 Vancouver Coastal Sleep Disorders Clinic -This program was established over 20 years ago and is the primary referral centre for complex sleep disorders in British Columbia.

 Sleep Education – Presented by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

 YouTube Watermark Video – Good video for starting your Watermark take-home test.



 Resmed – Resmed is a leader in sleep and sleep apnea equipment, one of our trusted vendors.

 Philips Respironics – Philips Respironics is a well recognized sleep apnea vendor with many different options of care.

 Fisher & Paykel – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare believes that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep – we couldn’t agree more.

 Transcend – Transcend provides the first ever handheld CPAP machine.

 Medistrom – Choice One Medical provides the Medistrom™ – our choice for the best quality and most reliable backup power supply. – The Definitive Guide to Obstructive Sleep Apnea brought to you by PillowPancake.



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