Jet Lag

March 19, 2019
dealing with jet lag

How does jet lag affect our sleep? Just in time for spring break, Monica from our Surrey office explains…

How Jet Lag Affects Our Sleep:

Jet lag is a temporary condition when we take a trip and change time zones.  The more time zones you cross the worse it is and the harder it may be to adjust to the new time zone.

Flying East is worse than flying west.  I visit family in the east for a long weekend and by the time I am boarding the plane home – I have finally adjusted to Ontario time. It disrupts your body’s internal clock response that tells you when you should be awake, or sleepy.

The severity of jet lag can depend on:

  1. Your job – how much travel you do.
  2. Age
  3. Alcohol or caffeine intake
  4. Stress
  5. Air pressure/ quality of the air on plane.

Recognizing the impact of jet lag is your first step in treating it. If you realize that your fatigue is caused by your body’s clock trying to adjust, try to be gentle on yourself. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake, reduce stress by eating right and taking a soothing bath.

Read more about the mechanics of sleep here.

Sweet dreams and safe travels,

Monica, SleepTech

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