Recovering From The October Sleep Slump

October 30, 2018
october sleep slump

We’re about to turn the clocks back and gain an hour causing a change to the amount of daylight we experience, which is a principal time cue responsible for setting and resetting our circadian rhythm. This falling on the heels of the so-called October Sleep Slump means we need to focus on getting into the new rhythm quickly and avoid adding to our sleep deficit.

Suggested Sleep Requirements

The disappearing daylight combined with the jarring change from summer to fall schedules causes us to feel exhausted by the end of October so how well you deal with the time change will depend on the quality and duration of sleep you’ve been getting this fall.

If you’re consistently getting seven to eight hours of sleep and go to bed a little early the night before the clocks go back, you will likely wake up feeling just fine. If you’re already suffering from the October sleep slump make sure you take steps to wind down early with calming rituals like a bath or a cup of tea, reducing or eliminating caffeine and alcohol.

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