Sleep Sabotage

June 20, 2019
sleep sabotage

What exactly is sleep sabotage? It’s those little habits that we’ve picked up along the way that prevent us from getting the quality sleep we all need. Here is a handy dandy list of the 20 top no-no’s to avoid before bedtime.

Sleep Sabotage: 20 No-No’s Before Bed

  1. Using an eReader or SmartPhone
  2. Certain Medications
  3. Texting Friends
  4. Drinking Coffee (sometimes even decaf)
  5. Drinking Tea
  6. Eating Chocolate
  7. Skipping Your Wind-Down Time
  8. Checking Your Work Email
  9. Eating Spicy or Fatty Foods
  10. Drinking Alcohol
  11. Smoking
  12. Chugging Lots of Water
  13. Working Out Intensely
  14. Playing Video Games
  15. Turning Up the Heat
  16. Let Your Pet in Bed With You
  17. Showering Right Before Bed
  18. Picking a Fight
  19. Alter Your Routine
  20. Anything Too Exciting

We hope that this list isn’t too debilitating to your nightly routine. ¬†Sometimes we just need to change one or two developed habits to greatly improve our sleep time.

Dr. Lindsay Gee has an effective strategy you can try if you suffer from insomnia, she explains it here.

Sleep is so important because it touches on every aspect of our health. Take care of your sleep, exercise, and your eating habits and you’d be surprised how great you feel. If you’re not sure what is keeping you up at night, start with a nightly journal to track your habits. More on that here.

When you sleep well, we sleep well,

SleepTech staff;)

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