Sleeping with Your Smartphone

February 15, 2019
Sleeping with the enemy

Are you sleeping with the enemy? Are you sleeping with your Smartphone? They are one in the same and in this blog post, we explain how your tech is sabotaging your sleep.

Sleeping with the Enemy: The Screens Amongst Us

Technology has brought knowledge to us at the touch of a button or a slide of our finger. 24 hours a day we can find the answer to anything we need by simply picking up our smart phones, tablets or computers. Studies have shown that having this knowledge at our finger tips can affect our sleep, by using screen time prior to bed.

Blue Light

The blue light that is emitted from screens (everything from TV to tablets), actually stops the hormone melatonin from forming. Melatonin is released to make us sleepy, so as we get into bed and check our emails or see what family is up to on Facebook we are actually causing an internal fight with our body that we had no intention of doing.

Blue Blockers – Do they work?

But don’t worry, so tech companies tell you…they have created a fix for this concern. They have created everything from glasses to wear or blue screen filters to stop the lack of melatonin production. GREAT right? WRONG! Though this may help the chemicals released in our brain, it doesn’t stop the new behavior that has been created by using these devices.

Invite Sleep, Not Candy Crush

Reading emails, leveling up, playing candy crush and such are not relaxing activities. Sleep needs to be invited and welcomed. From infancy, getting into bed is the first signal we give our brain that sleep is wanted. When we use technology in this space, our brain is active and confused about what is wanted, making sleep elusive and daytime somnolence a reality. Read more about the mechanics of sleep.

Welcome Sleep Back

Everything has a place and time. Sleeping with your smartphone is a no-no, so put your tech gadgets away before going into bed. Make your room inviting and relaxing. We encourage you to invite and welcome sleep, and watch the difference good sleep can make to your health. Check your emails at breakfast, match your gems during your coffee break and welcome back sleep.

Sweet dreams,

The Team at SleepTech
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