Spotlight on SleepTech Staff: Carla Flegel, RRT

May 28, 2015

Spotlight on SleepTech Staff - Carla Flegel
This week we are talking with Carla, one of our Respiratory Therapists in beautiful Qualicum Beach.

Q: Carla, what motivated you to work in the realm of sleep apnea?

A: I have worked in most all areas available to a respiratory therapist.  What I enjoy most is a teaching role. I get to teach and explain every day with our clients.   I believe our best chance for success is if  people truly understand what sleep apnea is.  So I spend a lot of my time with each client teaching them what this is and how we can best treat it.


Q: What would you say is the most rewarding thing about your career?

A: When I have someone refer a friend or family member, then I know I did my job.  People only refer someone if they are happy with the care, service, and outcome.


Q: Have you always lived in Qualicum Beach and if not, where else have you lived?

A: My family hails from New Brunswick.  I went to high school in Hamilton Ontario and college in Toronto.  I worked in Oshawa, Ontario and went back to school in Toronto to become a Perfusionist.  I went on to work in Cincinnati Ohio, then Ottawa, back to Toronto and finally to White Rock to get married.  We then moved to beautiful Bowser to raise our two kids.


Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I split my spare time between my art work and my fiddle!  I started to play my fiddle with the “Oceanside Jammers” about 5 years ago. There are about 30 fiddlers in our group. We play mostly Celtic music and it’s all done by ear. There isn’t  a sheet of music anywhere. It’s a lot like learning a language.  It’s so awesome to hear a tune and just have my fingers start moving .  I still sound better with my fiddle folk around me rather than alone, but it’s fun.

I have recently developed a liking for Pleine Aire pen and ink sketching and watercolour so that means I am outside sketching and painting on the spot.  My favorite is urban sketching, so buildings and “house portraits”.  I started painting back in the 1980’s “folk art” craze.  I have my own art studio on our property and for many years taught adult and kids classes.   At one time I taught two after school children’s classes and two home school classes per week and week long summer camps …I even had my own bus stop!


Q: I happen to have some insight into the fact that you are an artist. If one wanted to see your art, where could they connect with you?

A: At this moment most of it is on my facebook page Carla Flegel.  At this point it’s mostly for my enjoyment but I think it’s time to get more public.  This summer I will be participating in three Grand Prix d’Art contests.  You get three hours to complete a painting in a location in that town.  The location is drawn out of a hat.  The pictures are then framed, hung up, judged, and then available for sale.  The first is in Ladner on July 19th.  The second is in Qualicum Beach on July 25th.  The last is in Steveston on September 19th.  Details can be found here.


Q: What would you give up a night’s sleep for?

A: I’d give it up if I thought we could sneak out and get up to some mischief.  If I knew we would laugh till our sides hurt at the end of it all.   I spent way too many years working at children’s camps and know that fun is best done at night with the element of surprise and often involves water, mud, or noises!


Q: What’s your tip on getting the best sleep ever?

A: I think a good night sleep  happens after a good day.   The happier, more trouble free, the better I sleep.  The days after I have been outdoors sketching I sleep so well.  It’s like a whole day of meditating.

We couldn’t end this blog post without some beautiful visuals created by Carla – of course!

sketching_painting_carla carla_tyee

sketching carla_art

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Carla.  You can find Carla in our Qualicum Beach office.  To book an appointment or come see Carla in person, call 1 (250)-594-1111

Sweet dreams,
The Team at SleepTech

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